Stories in the Rock

Multitouch based explorations of dynamic visual information spaces present unique user interface and interaction design opportunities and challenges.  In this project synthesize findings from a series of human centered design studies to optimize navigation, digital annotation and exploration in a zoomable user interface, and scaffold disciplinary observation and engagement with scientific content.

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Synoptic Insect Collection

One ongoing challenge for data-intensive aquatic macroinvertebrate collection and identification is providing resources, training, and interactions with specialists so that diverse individuals can participate meaningfully as citizen scientists. A particular hurdle that limits public participation in environmental biomonitoring activities is the “taxonomic bottleneck,” which occurs when a research protocol requires non-specialists to provide accurate and reliable species identification beyond what is reasonably possible given the tools and training commonly available.  Learn More »

Collective Envisioning

Gigapixel image technology has great potential for envisioning impacts and engaging the public in discourse. Our Public Engagement in Science (PES) demonstration project explores the role networked visual evidence and data play in contributing to productive public participation and engagement in a complex a socio-technical issue  of regional importance – energy development.   Learn More »